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Established in February 2008, Xense Design Studio is one of the most competitive and experienced premier graphic design service provider devoted to the development and production of advanced 3D graphic solutions for corporate clients in Hong Kong. Xense is formed by a group of senior graphic designer and professional adviser. Our accumulated piece of works is over five thousand until 2013.

We focus on interior design and architectural design company in Hong Kong. With our advanced and well-developed technologies and experience, we provide an integrated solution, a high quality of graphical design and 3D graphic for their products promotion, advertisement, propaganda and publicize.

We mainly work on graphic design and animation production. We target on product promotion and advertisement for every industries. We take client's assignment , follow their requirement, and we promise to provide a fast, comprehensive, proper solution for every customers.

We believed, a well-designed graphic demonstration and exhibition display is the key of successful of products promotion and exhibition.

Design Experience
0 to 5 years
Company Employee
Less than 10
Design Nature
  • Animation / Interactive / Multimedia
Client Profile
  • China Assignments
  • Hotel, Entertainment and Tourism
  • Interior Design & Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Others
  • Overseas Assignments
  • Property
  • Retail Marketing & Services