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Mutt Museum Design Company Ltd.

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Mutt Museum was established in 2010. It is a Hong Kong based design brand. Co-founded by Janko Lam and Arkoo Koo. We want to present by Mutt Museum true attitude of the designer’s expression of ideas and life space. Its products are mainly sustainable fashion clothes retransformed by recycled fabric, equipped with accessories shaped by abandoned wood or other recycle materials. These products not only comprise naturally harmonized mix-and-match elements, feature comfortable cuts and an air of modern chic, but also trying to express the idea of reducing negative impact to environment and society.

Apparel for Women: The choice of denim-based fabric breaks through the limitations of the old-style Cheongsam occasions, and suites for daily wear. Clothing process combines traditional handcrafting with modern clothing technology. The extreme care in treatment of details is not only an interpretation of restrain and introversion in oriental culture, but also a release of modern women’s elegance and confidence by showing the breasts, waist, hips and legs curve.

Accessories: Our accessories are using recycled materials. We collect the abandoned wooden furniture from different district such as tables, chairs,cots etc. as main material, carved and polished by manhand, and made into brooches, necklaces, rings and ornaments.

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