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Our scope of services: - Founded by Patrick Leung in 1991 - Graphic design services - Western calligraphy on invitations for luxury brands - Western calligraphy workshop


Patrick Leung is a graphic designer and calligrapher based in Hong Kong, China. In 1988, while working in the in-house design department of a Hong Kong based airline, he was already fascinated with western calligraphy and attended his first workshop. Patrick also gained valuable experience while working at a local 4As advertising agency. Most of his writings were inspired, explored and created on his journey of calligraphy in the past two decades.

In 1999, Patrick set up the ‘Hong Kong Lettering Arts Club’ with other fellow calligraphy enthusiasts. Having maintained a good connection with overseas calligraphers and calligraphic societies, the Club organized its first workshops in subsequent years.  

He published his own book Western Calligraphy by Chinese Hand with an introduction by Professor Hermann Zapf in 2008. The limited edition version and some calligraphic T-shirts were available exclusively at Louis Vuitton Maison Hong Kong. Through calligraphy, a tote bag was designed in 2009.

In the early days, Western people used the quill and the reed while the Chinese used the brush. Now, most people rely on the mouse! Of course, the computer can solve problems and fonts and data could be stored, but it is only through writings that expression, creation, imagination, gesture and composition can remain in our minds for a lifetime. Do not rely SOLELY on the computer as in fact all typefaces are created by humans. So, let’s keep on writing!

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