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We’re an ingenious branding design consultant — this is Finch Atelier

A new form of branding design studio based in Hong Kong, with a small ambition to the world and a big enthusiasm inside our world. Branding is telling a story, the most successful brands have always had their very own stories, these are great assets of the brand, make them special, important and meaningful in the market. This is the way we help our clients to compose their brand stories and to discover their latent personality in order to impress the outer world.

Logic needs magic

We have gained plenty of valuable perspectives on branding design since our inception more than 2 decades ago. The challenges per se are always about finding the right balance of strategy and creativity, and to levelling the sense and sensibility of the brand. In fact, we see Branding is making a change, to pursuit a better one. Sometime the most powerful branding designs are surprisingly very simple and obvious, to a certain extent, this is a perfect blend of logic and magic.

We go along with you

Our branding design strategy is a journey to go along with our clients, it is a four-phase brand building process. Every phase has its own specific purpose, and these phases are interconnected and coherently developed. Most of our clients are really appreciated the entire brand development process, and we believe Branding is revealing a journey, to experience how the next great brands are born.

A beautiful winding-road

A brand itself is greater than the sum of its parts, whether it be a brand personality or a branded product or service. We imagine Branding is searching a polestar, showing the right way the brand has to follow, but most likely it would be a winding-road. In fact, this is a necessary process every brand needs to get used to, and lives with it. That is to say, there are no preset branding formulas or shortcuts. Although the outcomes of every successful brand are somewhat akin, but how they got there were rather different, and indeed distinctive.

Team up with the ingenuities

Our team always say Branding is achieving a dream, that is why we came together, making it happen. We actually are a team of transdisciplinary professionals, more accurately, we are a group of brand and design enthusiasts, with varied expertise. We treat our clients and co-working partners as our design alliances, we work together to make brands alive. The only successful practice of today is to collaborate creatively in order to gain widest perspectives from the co-creating processes, and to make ideas happen sparklingly.

What we do — Brand Evaluation/ Brand Research and Analysis/ Brand Positioning/ Brand Concept and Narrative/ Brand Naming/ Brand Architecture/ Brand Identity and Visual System/ Design Application/ Packaging Design/ Brand Experience Design/ Brand and Design Management/ Brand Book/ Brand Guideline/ Brand Engagement

In short, we can help to make brands come true. Let’s talk and customize your own ingenious Branding Design Strategy.

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