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Corporate gifts, FanlyEC provided by the manufacturer directly to production, our company in Guangzhou, and set up a testing center, and directly supervise the goods and shipped after a rigorous test security, quality of goods is guaranteed, while allowing you to reduce thethe sum of the costs of unnecessary trade, the same goods, you can procurement at preferential prices to reduce the cost of publicity, but lead to higher efficiency for the enterprise.

FanlyEC believe that when presented to the customer in a suitable gift, the company's logo printed on in the exhibition, event or festival, there will be unexpected publicity, it left a deep impression. So we offer a one-stop sourcing platform, consulting, product design, production, goods inspection, delivery, as well as after-sales service are specifically responsible.

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6 to 10 years
Company Employee
10 to 30
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  • Advertising / PR Agencies
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  • Manufacturing