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EDGE was founded in 1994 and has been gradually transformed into a studio for innovative multidisciplinary design with the core focus on space.

The studio continues to purse its fascination on original and creative solutions from the scale of urban planning, architecture, interior, exhibition, to the scale of tableware.

Our methodical design approach aims at making positive change to the environment from the ever limited projects and resources. The studio makes use of the vast design potential from working together with clients and specialists, finding the area where we can make the greatest contribution between clients’ ventures and our studio practice. This cross-disciplinary approach has enabled us to offer an efficient and broad range of design services to diversified scale of projects for both local and international clients.


The EDGE of certain things depends upon one’s own perspective. An EDGE can be a fuzzy shadow or a boundary line containing a definite blue print. By recognizing that a myriad of options may lay beneath an initial surface, one’s viewpoint can shift and re-interpret image. An EDGE is not as rigid as implied; alternatively it may be fluid. Starting with one beginning, there should be a choice of options to achieve an end. Possibly, they might produce the same appearance, but generate different meanings. It is a matter of recognizing relations and context. In essence, architecture is a set of conditions under which space and the individual are connected. In a larger context, the city is structured by a similar set of conditions. Both sets of conditions do not necessarily confine with way of life. There are more conditions generated from the unpredictable form of life. The set of conditions is ever changing. In the context of Hong Kong, every “present” is fading, then vanishes without notice. What has existed will keep being erased. Perhaps we are making a monument for the city: a monument for the consumed future and the fading present.

Gary Chang

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11 to 20 years
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10 to 30
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