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Wan Fung Art Gallery was established in 1986. The following year, it has launched a succession of immense and long-term promotion scheme. Up to the present, it has organized over 600 high-quality art exhibitions in Hong Kong, Taiwan, mainland of China and many other countries in Southeast Asia and also published more than 100 art books. Among those art books, there is one entitled “Twentieth Century Masterworks of Chinese Painting”, which required painstaking preparation and revision for six years, and is highly acclaimed by all circles from the society. Consistently, the objective of Wan Fung Art Gallery is to discover and promote the artists with possession of unique style and a variety of techniques. Most of the artists among those have become influential masters to represent all kinds of contemporary Chinese fine art schools. Thus, Wan Fung becomes a leading representative for numerous renowned contemporary Chinese painting masters. Amongst those, there are more than twenty artists who are regularly on the list of selected lots in Auction companies such as Sotheby and Christies. Hence, Wan Fung has opened an international market of Chinese fine arts. Wan Fung stocks over 13,000 pieces of original masterpieces of painting. In fact, Wan Fung is proved to be one of the biggest investors and promoters in contemporary Chinese paintings. The headquarters of Wan Fung Art Gallery is established in Hong Kong, which is the base of strategy planning for art promotion. There are other six gallery branches located in Beijing, Shanghai and Canton-Zhongshan. All of these branch galleries are also playing the important role of an enthusiastic liaison between artists and of promoting the outstanding Chinese art works to all art lovers and audience all over the world. In 2004, Wan Fung Art Gallery has been appraised as one of the top ten art galleries in China by the Chinese Art Organization.

Mr. Kwok Ho-mun, the founder of Wan Fung Art Gallery, is a famous artist, art connoisseur as well as art critic in Hong Kong. He is noted as a marketing strategist for art works with highly original insights and is the friend of Chinese artists. His biography is listed in the reference “Who’s who of Hong Kong and Macau” and extensively reported by newspapers and magazines at home and abroad. His book “Collection and Investment of Chinese Paintings” is regarded as one of the important reference books for art investment

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