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Hydroemission - Scent Marketing

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At Hydroemission, we have been pushing the limits of scent marketing since 2003. Supported by Government bodies (such as SPRING Singapore) and research institutes (NTU School of Material Science), we are constantly working to improve our technology and offer the most advanced and cost effective scent marketing solution available.

Hydroemission’s is quickly becoming the most popular choice among retailers for Scent Marketing as it is safe, invisible after application and it does not require any mechanical installation.

Moreover, our proposition is extremely cost effective, enabling a regional expansion without financial burdens, supported by our distributors and direct sales offices in the region.

Design Experience
6 to 10 years
Company Employee
10 to 30
Design Nature
  • Advertising / PR Agencies
Client Profile
  • Hotel, Entertainment and Tourism
  • Property
  • Retail Marketing & Services

Singapore Environmental Achievement Award, SEC-Senoko Green Innovation Award 2012, Singapore Emerging Enterprises Best Innovation Award 2011