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Unleash an aesthetic power of differences.

Design Studio MZ+MM is a Hong Kong-based design house founded by Mr Alan So in 2020. We envision ourselves as a unique brand in the creative industry since we are very different from other design companies. Likewise, we provide a multi-discipline scope of design and branding services. Yet in boundless artistry and strategic approach. MZ+MM welcomes any scale of commissioned assignments ranging from a single task to integrated design projects. One of the crucial characteristics of design is the creation of differences. Our potential for the aesthetic power of differences is yet to be released.

Mr Alan So, our hearing founder and design director, has more than twenty years of experience in design, advertising and branding. Before starting up MZ+MM, he has worked for different scales and sectors of clientele, from the small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to international giants, from sophisticated fashion retail brands to fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG). Now, under the brand of Design Studio MZ+MM, he will whole-heartedly serve the locals and contribute back to Hong Kong society.

Design Studio MZ+MM is a work integration social enterprise endorsed by the SEE Mark in May 2021. Our designers incorporate People with Disabilities (PwD), hearing-impaired and hearing designers. In society, this model of integration is called “inclusion”. We believe we are the First Cause of inclusion in the creative industry and have started to foster inclusion. Nevertheless, we actively engage and collaborate with corporations and organisations around Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DE&I).

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion are the governing standards of all corporations in the future. People still do not comprehend an optimum way to integrate DE&I into current business models. However, possibilities are unlimited.

The Chinese title of Design Studio MZ+MM may suggest a frame of reference. Our Traditional Chinese name is 無狀無名設計事務所. 設計 means designing, in general, and 事務所 refers to a studio or workplace. 無狀無名 is our unique brand identity. 無 means nothing and philosophically denotes emptiness. 無 is pronounced as mou in Cantonese, 狀 as zong, and 名 as ming. Our English identity is composed of the initials of Cantonese pronunciation of our Chinese name with the symbol “+” separating the phrases 無狀 and 無名, both retrieved from the famous Taoism manuscript – Lao Tzu or Tao Te Ching. 無狀 literally signifies shapeless while 無名 represents anonymous. MZ+MM, as a design body, designates a powerful expression of differences through our brand name. Yet not to confine ourselves inside the boundary of thoughts and aesthetics. Ultimately, we will redefine a borderless constitution of DE&I for the future.

Our social mission is to map out career paths for PwD designers, not just create entry points. MZ+MM will maintain our belief in the progressive development of our collective aesthetic power. All year round, we will recruit designing PwD talents. Many of them are fresh graduates from different disciplines of design. They can build their design portfolio upon working with us. Additionally, we are delighted to offer internship opportunities to Special Educational Needs (SEN) students from inclusion schools, institutes and organisations. Nonetheless, we will endeavour to exercise our initiatives of social innovation.

Design Studio MZ+MM has started our first small step of inclusion. Kindly check our website and discover a comfortable way to contact us. We welcome your corporation to embrace inclusion together.

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