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Imbued with an antiquated spirit, an attention to detail and erudite tailoring, classical mens' and womens' garments have always been a core source of inspiration at DEMO.

Notions of the contemporary and the classical are what make up the very DNA of DEMO., striking a delicate balance between the freedom of contemporary fashion and the traditions of classical dressing styles. One can see this, for example, in DEMO.'s rejection of the complex rules that are assigned to men's fashion today while, nonetheless, preserving a nostalgic classical menswear look.

In the DEMO. World, whether on the street or during formal occasions, the boundaries that have for so long segregated the sexes is blurred. Who is to say that those more sensitive, emotional, and delicate aspects of fashion should belong only to women? Utilizing the soft edges of neutral silhouette, and pairing this with DEMO.'s own progressive detailing, DEMO. dismantles gender's strict barriers.

In these rapidly changing times, we here at DEMO. strive everyday to provide you with a satisfaction and solemnity that melds with today's most forward thinking minds.



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