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Benji Li Interiors Ltd.

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Benji Li is a design director of Benji Li Interiors Limited, he graduated with a 4-year degree in Interior Design from Royal Melbourne of Institute Technology University [RMIT] in Australia. Benji's experience working in the interior design industry in Australia and Hong Kong has given him a different perspective and design philosophy. This enables him to create concepts that are unique to each client. He has worked both in Australia and in Hong Kong and has extensive industry experience. His knowledge of both Western and Asian design philosophies allows for a unique design perspective that underpins the Benji Li Interiors ethos.

Benji Li Interiors creates high end residential and commercial interiors that are known for their urbane, stylish and dazzling aesthetic. We handle a full range of services, including interior design, decorating, construction and management planning working worldwide. Our staff of interior designers and architects ensures we interpret our clients requirements and visions brilliantly!

We epitomize understated luxury which our design style is also a balance between luxury and contemporary. We appreciate the finer details of life as well as paying specific attention to a project's smallest details in interiors and we stand for quality.

Design Experience
6 to 10 years
Company Employee
Less than 10
Design Nature
  • Architectural / Spatial Design
  • Interior Design
Client Profile
  • Interior Design & Construction
  • A'Design Award 2020, Iron, ITALY
  • Asia Design Prize 2020, Winner, KOREA
  • Melbourne Design Awards 2019, Silver, MELBOURNE
  • Successful Design Award 2019-2020, CHINA
  • APDC 2019, Grand Award, CHINA
  • CIDF CBDA 2019, Honorary Credential, CHINA
  • IAI Design Award 2019, Excellence Award, CHINA
  • K-Design Award 2019, Finalist, KOREA
  • HKT Smart Living 2019, Shortlisted, HONG KONG
  • Australia Reece BIA 2006, Top 10 Finalist, MELBOURNE