FIP Incubatees Stunning the Red Carpet

Among all fashion runways, the red carpet is probably the most prestigious yet challenging one for fashion designers. At the 37th Hong Kong Film Award gala held in Hong Kong last month, five incubatees of our Fashion Incubation Programme (FIP) have stunned viewers and cameras with gorgeous wardrobes for new actors and actresses. They strike a wonderful balance between gorgeousness and edginess, bringing a fresh appeal in this spring season.  

Nova Power, a selected group of ten emerging actors and actresses from the First Feature Film Initiative supported by Create Hong Kong, was the spotlight of this crossover. Each of the ten Nova Power rising stars was spruced up by a local fashion talent - five by our FIP incubatees and five by the Hong Kong Film Arts Association. The participating FIP incubatees include CYNTHIA&XIAO, FFIXED STUDIOS, LOOM LOOP, MODEMENT and YEUNG CHIN.

Launched in 2016, the Fashion Incubation Programme (FIP) carries the mission of nurturing budding fashion designers and design entrepreneurs in Hong Kong. The initiative is steered by the government’s Fashion Advisory Group and managed by the Hong Kong Design Centre. It promotes Hong Kong’s fashion industry by introducing a whole new generation of fashion creatives to the wider Asian and International markets.

Aries Sin from MODEMENT is the creative mind behind actor Kyle Li’s red carpet outfit. When searching for inspiration, AriesSin reflected on the fundamental nature of acting. For her, acting is about striking a dynamic balance between the role and the actor’s self. The detachable blazer sleeve embodies the sophistication of an actor, who enlivens a role by injecting his personality restrainedly. The side-opening trousers isa breakaway from menswear conventions - an ambitious attempt to hit the red carpet with inclusive and gender-neutral fashion.  

Cynthia Mak, co-founder of CYNTHIA & XIAO, took an undistracted approach. The best way to let Sofiee Ng shine on the red carpet is to show off her charming and brilliant side. Cynthia made a special edition of her brand’s most iconic garment with sumptuous and flashy materials, while retaining the clean cut and silhouette to accentuate the actress’ personality.

Through FIP’s two-year incubation programme, budding designers are endowed with project grants, studio space, business network, and above all, extraordinary opportunities for creative experimentations. Through this FIP partnership with Nova Power, the five incubatees have gained media exposure and presented their work in a star-studded occasion. Let’s look forward to seeing more budding Hong Kong fashion designers in the near future.