DMatters May 2017 Issue

Design to Include: Embracing a future-facing solution

What drives our future? Policy makers, business executives, scientists, engineers and innovators often face the same question when there is a need to design a meaningful strategy in their respective professional domains. More often than not, the solutions are inspired by the pain points experienced in the society, with the hope to create more favourable conditions and friendlier processes to improve every aspect in life. However, increasing user diversity in the complex world has made it more difficult to design a one-size-fits-all solution. The trend for Inclusive Design, ‘Design for all’ and ‘Universal Design’, has become more and more prevalent in advanced economies where decision makers respond to the broad spectrum of user needs and capabilities through a well-thought out design thinking process, addressing the toughest social issues at stake, creating social value and opening up new horizons for business opportunity.

This year, the Knowledge of Design Week (KODW) 2017, themed “Include 2017: Tackling Big Challenges through Design”, will dissect inclusive design in three topics – living, connecting, moving. Among countries taking the lead to put inclusive innovations at the forefront, speakers will share experiences on tackling challenges from ageing population and mobility on public policy level and business innovation processes. There will also be sharing on ways to promote community well-being via connectivity and to explore the power of data, AI and VR-empowered futures. As more and more cities are facing compact living as a social challenge, designers will showcase their design propositions for the needy. There will also be exchange on how human-centred design is applied to social innovations and betterment of healthcare services.

With a stellar line-up of speakers from the USA, the UK, Norway, Poland, Denmark, Japan, South Korea and Hong Kong, the KODW 2017 will cover topics creating impact on how we do business and drive the policy agenda and design challenges for the future. Against the back-- DROP of Inclusive Design, KODW2017 will offer a unique platform in Asia to acquire creative leadership and an innovative mindset, and learn how to apply design thinking to frame and solve problems. Looking forward to co-creating an inclusive, resilient and future-facing society!

KODW 2017 is a must-attend event if you are looking to grow your impact, make difference to people’s lives, to understand your users and customers and learn “cutting edge” innovation techniques that can create personal and organisational transformation.

Inclusive economy presents huge opportunity for business of design partnership. Please don’t miss all the exciting topics as well as opportunities for networking. Get your ticket here. See you at KODW 2017!

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