Design for Liveability – Vision for Future Cities

At this year’s Knowledge of Design Week (KODW), we will be taking a close look at a trending and thought-provoking topic - Design for Liveability. Liveability is a dual concept which can be measured objectively or defined subjectively. As complex as a city can be, liveability is a multifaceted idea encompassing areas like the sociopolitical system, economic structure, arts and culture, and above all, creativity and innovation. In the three KODW forum sessions, we will explore the role of design in making our future cities liveable.

Forum 1 “Vision for Future Cities” will be held on 13 June 2018  morning. International speakers will share their professional and pioneering insights, shedding light on a question that is concerning designers and decision-makers alike  — What would a future liveable city look like?

Massive urbanization has dramatically increased the urban population worldwide, the future of the world is becoming more about the future of cities. The making of the ideal future city is way more than just designing the physical environment, but also curating the urban mode of living, experience, travel and interaction. Creating an urban innovation ecosystem which connects and activates citizens, the environment, and the city itself is the key to success.

To achieve this goal, stakeholders have to share a common vision and co-design the city comprehensively and collaboratively. The idea of liveability infiltrates into different aspects of urban life - from sustainable infrastructure to inclusive community, smart mobility to digital innovation, ageing to affordable housing, healthy lifestyle to healthcare. It requires the collective effort of citizens, businesses and the government. We work with partners from diverse industries and all walks of life to cope with the greatest challenges ahead of us.

In this forum session, we will probe into new perspectives and innovative ideas to address fundamental questions about liveability: What makes cities liveable and extraordinary? How do we measure liveability (and can it be actually measured)? Could it be objectively gauged at all? How do we create cities that can respond to the diverse needs and aspirations of people of various ages, cultures, ethnicities and professions? What is the role of design in shaping policies that focus on people’s needs, aspirations and wellbeing?

International experts in planning and architecture, creative innovation, mobility and design will share their insights and experiences in Forum 1 “Vision for Future Cities”. Get ready to be inspired by speeches. Victorian Government Architect, Jill Garner, will discuss Melbourne’s path to liveability. Carlo Ratti from Senseable City Lab will envision how smart technology is ushering in an intelligent future. Pratap Bose, car designer at Tata Motors, will flash the headlights at tomorrow’s mobility experience. For those who are interested in future cities, make sure you get the tickets before they’re sold out!


Jill Garner

Carlo Ratti

Pratap Bose