Supporting Event - Social Enterprise Summit 2023 ― Sustainable Wellbeing+

Supporting Event - Social Enterprise Summit 2023 ― Sustainable Wellbeing+

In the quest for economic growth, amidst rising living costs and soaring expectations, the wellbeing of the public often falls to the wayside. The recent pandemic has served as a poignant reminder of the urgency to accentuate the quality of life for every individual. Modern society must transcend traditional parameters and shift focus towards exploring more holistic approaches on increasingly prioritised areas such as social inclusion, business wellbeing and environmental sustainability, which are all integral to meeting the evolving needs of today’s world. 

The SES 2023 International Symposium unveils "Sustainable Wellbeing+", an exploration of the role of holistic wellbeing in shaping a flourishing and sustainable society. Integrating the tracks of business and finance, art and culture, and technology and innovation, the symposium promotes a comprehensive and inclusive approach to sustainable wellbeing, recognising the interconnectedness of social, economic, and environmental issues. Through insightful keynote speeches, expert-led panels, interactive workshops and activities, it aims to foster cross-sector dialogues and partnerships to enhance community resilience and holistic wellbeing. 

The '+' encapsulates the commitment to innovation. Together, the goal is to sculpt a future where social impact and enduring wellbeing harmoniously intertwine.

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Activity information

Physical 3-day Pass
Date: 2-4 Nov 2023
Venue: Meeting Room N101-112, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
Fee: $500 ($150 for Senior/Students)

Online Participation
Date: 2 Nov 2023
Format: online
Fee: Free of Charge