Supporting Event - Amazing Cut |  Call for Designer

Supporting Event - Amazing Cut | Call for Designer

"Amazing Cut" is organised by the Textile Council of Hong Kong Limited and produced by Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB). It is the ever first reality competition in the history of local television in Hong Kong to set a groundbreaking example to showcase the real talents of Hong Kong fashion designers.

The entire reality competition consists of 5 episodes. Each episode will have a different theme and will allow designers to unleash their creativity, demonstrate production skills, and design outfits for specific target characters.

This competition can promote the role of Hong Kong designers and enhance their visibility in Hong Kong and the Greater Bay Area. It can also attract young talents to join the fashion industry, build Hong Kong into a capital of fashion design events.

Activity information

Open Recruitment:Now to End-Jan 2024
Announcement of shortlisted designers:Around Late Feb to Mar 2024
Shooting/ Production of the TV programme:The shooting to be implemented in phases, will last about 4 months. It is expected to be completed at the end of July 2024.