Sensory Stitches

Sensory Stitches

Sensory Stitches provokes investigations of textile and Artificial Intelligence technology. It showcases a unique intelligent textile system with AI-based gesture recognition, along with a collection of 9 novel photonic textile designs and photonic fashion, creating brand-new interactive experience and visual stimulations to visitors. Developed by Dr Jeanne Tan and her team, the intelligent textile system recognises hand and body gestures by utilising computer vision and deep learning in tandem with Polymeric Optical Fibres (POFs), and provides immediate feedback via different coloured illuminations.

The patented design and technology transform conventionally passive fabrics into interactive textiles for dynamic customisation of environments and products. The intelligent textile system can be applied within the contexts of fashion, interiors and rehabilitation.

Activity information

8-13 Sep 2022

12noon-7pm (8 Sep)
10am-3pm (9 Sep)
10am-7pm (10-13 Sep)

Tai Kwun F Hall

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