Executive Director's Office

Executive Director

Hong Kong Design Centre (HKDC) is a non-governmental organisation, and was founded in 2001 as a strategic partner of the HKSAR Government in establishing Hong Kong as an international centre of design excellence in Asia. Our public mission is to promote wider and strategic use of design and design thinking to create business value and improve societal well-being, with the aim of advancing Hong Kong as an international design centre in Asia.

Reporting and being held accountable to the Board of Directors and bridging communication between the Board and the Hong Kong SAR Government, the Executive Director is responsible for:

  1. Formulating and executing the organisation's development strategy including budget planning to ensure that the missions and objectives are fulfilled within approved parameters;
  2. Formulating HKDC’s programmes and projects for the Board’s approval;
  3. Implementing HKDC’s approved programmes and projects;
  4. Implementing the Board’s decisions and any other duties as required by the Board;
  5. Communicating effectively with the Board and providing, in a timely and accurate manner, all information necessary for the Board to function properly and to make informed decisions;
  6. Making recommendations to the Board on new initiatives to enable HKDC to fulfill its missions and objectives;
  7. Setting up effective links with industry, educators, and industry support organisations, and establishing external links both internationally and with the Mainland;
  8. Fostering relationships with key stakeholders, and liaising with local and international partners;
  9. Developing new collaboration opportunities and joint technology development with universities, institutions and industry partners globally;
  10. Bringing in new ideas and more structured approaches while exploring alternative opportunities to further develop new initiatives and projects;
  11. Developing resources and revenues through fund-raising, corporate partnerships and programme sponsorships to maintain the financial health, fiscal integrity and viability of the organisation;
  12. Establishing, developing and implementing appropriate financial, employment and administrative policies, procedures and controls for all functions and for the day-to-day operation of the organisation to ensure proper utilisation of resources and good management practices;
  13. Being the head of administration of HKDC, in charge of and responsible for the day-to-day management and operation of HKDC, and upholding and enhancing the corporate governance of HKDC;
  14. Directing and supervising the day-to-day running of HKDC, including the work and conduct of all the executives and staff of HKDC;
  15. Overseeing HKDC’s organisation structure and staffing requirements;
  16. Providing leadership and direction in strategic planning and operations of the organisation in alignment with the public mission, vision and strategic priorities;
  17. Overseeing various functions in the organisation and seeing to the continuous development of the organisation to optimise the deliverables to achieve the missions entrusted with HKDC: Innovation & Design Knowledge, Good Design & Exchange, Design & Fashion Incubation & Programme, Business Development & Projects.
  18. Serving committees of the Board in respect of scrutinizing internal audit, finance and administrative matters, as well as setting and implementing activities; and
  19. Ensuring HKDC fulfils its obligations under the concerned funding agreements made with the Government including, but not limited to, ensuring that the funds are properly used and spent according to their ambit and purposes for which they are intended and granted, and that all requisite submissions to the Government as required in such agreements are made in a timely and accurate manner and are in accordance with the scope and form stipulated by the Hong Kong SAR Government.


  1. Bachelor’s degree with at least 18 years’ relevant experience in corporate services;
  2. Knowledge of and insight in the global design and wider economic trends;
  3. Passion for design and innovation, and the vision and personal drive to further develop HKDC as an organisation promoting Hong Kong as a design hub in Asia, reinforcing Hong Kong’s status as a city of design excellence in Asia and fostering creative and design atmosphere in the community;
  4. Network with the design community, industries, educational institutions, industry and trade associations, and creative industry/design support organisations;
  5. Ability to achieve HKDC’s objectives, viz. to use design and innovation to drive value creation and improve well-being of the society;
  6. Self-motivation with resilience, accountability and ability to work across teams and in a fast-paced environment;
  7. Ability to discharge duties with professionalism, ethics, tact and compliance with corporate governance;
  8. Proficiencies in both English and Chinese would be advantages; and
  9. Experience in NGOs’ general and/or financial management would be advantages.


The Hong Kong Design Centre is being represented in this search by Asianet Consultants Ltd.  Please submit nominations or applications on or before 7 December 2020 to:

Mr. Peter Liu

Managing Director, Asianet Consultants Ltd.

702-704, 7/F Wilson House, 19-27 Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong

Email: hkdc-ed@asianetconsultants.com  Tel: (852) 2530-0137