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Since 2004, CM CHOW graduated in graphic design of Caritas Bianchi College of Careers (CBCC), studied western art, adverting design, branding design, critical thinking, etc. In 2006, he has begun his career, which is mainly on web site design, online adverting design and graphic design. At the same year, he got the award of Champion in The Graphic Design of the 2006, Hong Kong Youth Skills Competition. In 2007, he had the training of printing and graphic design held by Vocational Training Council (VTC). As a member of Hong Kong Team, he participated in the 39th Graphic Design Technology Competition in Shizuoka, Japan. As a result, he got the Medallion for Excellence.

He worked for a technology company in Hong Kong, Smart Info Limited, as a website and graphic designer. In this job, he gained lots of experience on organizing medium and small projects. After that, he worked for the biggest technology company in Macau, Macau Ignite Technology Ltd., as a website and graphic designer. He was responsible for numerous projects, like large commercial website design, web design for various industries, organization web design and brand identity design.

Design is a science, art, marketing, technology, philosophy and culture product. He studies in painting, interior design, fashion design, Search Engine Optimization, the Middle East politics. Chow\\\'s also studies in psychology application, \\\"House, Tree and Human psychology analysis\\\", Color and Energy-Color Therapy, subconscious insinuate, dream analysis, quick subconscious reading - intuition tarot, Enneagram etc., which is helpful to open the creativity, text & image subconscious.

Design Experience
6 to 10 years
Company Employee
Less than 10
Design Nature
  • Branding, Communications & Marketing
Client Profile
  • Banking & Finance
  • China Assignments
  • Education
  • Hotel, Entertainment and Tourism
  • Information Technology & Telecom
  • Interior Design & Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Others
  • Overseas Assignments
  • Property
  • Public Sector
  • Retail Marketing & Services
  • Social Services

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